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"Secured 8 appointments in a very short time, all at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods."

‍Vishwa Karthik
April 17, 2024
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MayaMaya is an AI-driven platform that helps businesses enhance their talent management. Leaders can use it to administer quizzes to candidates, employees, and managers, and then access detailed reports and resources. The platform's business console offers AI insights on acquiring, engaging, and retaining top talent, streamlining the process, and boosting business performance.
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In a short time with, I connected with 92 people, sent 160 emails , and secured 8 appointments, all at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods.
‍Vishwa Karthik


Vishwa Karthik, principal at MayaMaya, an AI technology company, understands the importance of personal interaction in sales. Initially, he was doubtful that an AI tool could handle the nuanced task of prospecting and outreach without losing the personal touch.


Vishwa was looking for a way to enhance his sales process that did not compromise the quality of interactions. He needed a tool that could provide high-quality leads, manage outreach, and integrate seamlessly with existing tools HubSpot, all while being cost-effective. as solution

Despite his reservations, Vishwa decided to give a try. quickly proved its worth by being intuitive and non-intrusive.'s AI-driven system adapted to his specific needs, learning from his preferences to optimize lead selection and personalize communications. Within just a week, Vishwa was able to initiate contact with 92 individuals and send around 160 emails, securing eight solid meetings in the process. This efficiency came at a significantly lower cost per meeting than he had previously experienced.

Vishwa was particularly impressed with's easy integration and the responsive customer support team, who were quick to assist whenever needed. His initial skepticism turned into endorsement as he saw how not only met but exceeded his expectations by delivering a personal touch through automated processes.

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‍Vishwa Karthik

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