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7 signal-based triggers to schedule more meetings

Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at
April 14, 2024
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Welcome to the realm of signal-based sales strategies.

Let’s first recap what signal-based triggers mean so we can understand how to best leverage them to schedule more meetings. 

Signal-based selling is all about being a detective of some sort in the sales world. It means looking for clues or signals from potential customers that help you figure out the best time and way to chat with them about your product. 

These clues can come from various places - like how they interact with your website, what they're up to on social media, or even the latest trends in the market. 

The cool part? Tuning into these signals and using them in your actions means being strategic versus shooting in the dark and hoping for the best. This helps you make your pitch more personal and increase your chances of closing a deal. 

In this guide, we’ll uncover seven signal-based triggers for you to use to ensure more email replies, more meetings booked, and, eventually, more deals sealed. Most of these triggers are available in And those that are not are easy to integrate.

1. Your potential customer is hiring for a new role

When a company is hiring, especially for a new role, it signifies growth and new beginnings. This is the perfect time to reach out and offer services or products that align with their expanding team's needs. You can automate alerts from job boards or company career pages to identify these opportunities in real time using webhooks. Or use to do that automatically.

2. Gaps or changes in their tech stack

Knowing the technology stack of a potential client can be a great leverage. It can provide you with ideas for the right approach to your outreach. Zapier can integrate with platforms like BuiltWith or StackShare to automate the process of identifying what software your prospect is using. Here is how you can automate this with 

As soon as you identify gaps or sometimes even changes in your potential client's tech stack, you can customize your outreach to explain how your product or service can enhance their experience by integrating into the existing ecosystem of tools and products they are already using. 

3. A recent fundraising round

Companies that recently secured funding are likely in a position to invest in new products, tools, services, partnerships, and integrations to boost their growth. 

You can use Crunchbase which is leading a database of innovative companies (most tech companies have listings here) to set up custom lead lists that track funding rounds. Once you know when your prospect received funding, you’ll know the right time to approach them. 

Another option is to set up newsletter alerts for TechCrunch - a global online newspaper reporting on technology businesses, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley. Automating this with Not a problem! Here is how you can do it: 

4. Your prospect recently changed companies

Imagine a scenario where your prospect has left their job and been hired by a different company. This is low-hanging fruit for you for two reasons:

a) New role, more freedom, a higher budget
This person is probably building the foundation for a function and looking for new tools and services. They have the freedom to do so since the C-level is often more willing to help new employees get up to speed and realize fresh ideas than employees who have been around for a while already.

b) New role, old friends, pre-existing trust
And if you previously interacted with the person and exchanged emails with them, then it’s definitely worth reaching out to them again. 

If you have established a good relationship before, you can trust that your lead will probably prefer you over someone they don’t know. 

To make your outreach even more attractive, tailor your messages based on the prospect's prior relationship with your company. This will be especially effective if the prospect was, in fact, a past client of yours. 

If you couldn’t close a deal with them in the past, this time, in your outreach, you could highlight their decision-making power in the new role or maybe the potentially higher budget they get to use as new employees in that role. 

LinkedIn can help you quickly identify job changes for your prospects. Connecting with them on LinkedIn is a great way to keep up with their professional advancements. 

5. They visited your website once

Retargeting ads are a common and effective tactic in paid ad marketing. They can also be a nice addition to your signal-based sales strategy. 

Not everyone who visits your website is ready to buy from you. However, their interest alone is a valuable signal that you can leverage. 

There are several ways to catch website visitors and use their data for cold email outreach. There are several tools, to name a few: Dealfront (previously called Leadfeeder), LeadInfo, Albacross, and R!B2B can even find the exact person who visited your website.

One of the most commonly used tools is Google Tag Manager (GTM), which helps in managing and deploying marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website without having to modify the code. It's a powerful tool for marketers and sales professionals to manage the tracking and analytics on their websites, enabling them to track conversions, site analytics, remarketing, and more. 

GTM is also a handy tool to use when running retargeting ads through Google Ads. You can use filters like how long visitors stayed on your website, which specific pages they visited, where they visited from and more. Once you make a list of leads who visited your website, you can use Zapier or webhooks to send the leads to 

6. They were vocal on G2

G2 is such a popular platform for user reviews and insights on software and services, making it a valuable resource for competitive analysis.

Someone can only leave a G2 review if they are verified users of a certain B2B product.

Tools that scrape competitor reviews on platforms like G2 can provide insights into what your prospects are looking for and their pain points. You can use this information to refine your outreach and show potential clients how you can better meet their needs.

Some popular web scraping tools that can automate the process of extracting data from web pages are Beatufil Soup and Scrapy. If you don’t have the engineering resources or technical capabilities to scrape G2 data yourself, consider looking for a freelancer on Fiverr who do the work for you. They can often find the DMU in the company, too. Once you have the scraped list, you can upload it to and automatically send them personalized cold emails. 

7. They engaged on LinkedIn

LinkedIn engagement can be one of the easiest and most straightforward signals of interest. It can take different forms. Most commonly:

  • They viewed your LinkedIn profile (you can see who viewed your profile through LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator)
  • Your prospect engages (react on, comment under, repost) with a post made by your company page on LinkedIn
  • They engage with a post made by you or a coworker 
  • They engage with a post made by a competitor brand or their employees
  • They register to attend a LinkedIn event  

All of these can be leveraged to find out more about your prospect’s needs and tailor your cold outreach based on that intel.

Use tools like Phantombuster or N8N to scrape these interactions automatically. As a next step, upload these leads into or send them to via Zapier to start automatically reaching out to them through cold outreach.

Bonus tip

There are countless ways to automate the process of collecting these signals. You can use webhooks, Zapier integrations, and custom lead lists. 

Most importantly, you can use to filter your leads based on the above signals and get a clean, highly targeted list of prospects to reach out to. will also automatically send outreach emails to your prospects and ensure you always have warm leads to talk to. 

Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at
Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at

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