Predictions for sales in 2024

Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at
April 8, 2024
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Things are already evolving fast. However, sales in 2024 will undergo more transformation, mostly due to AI. Finally, AI is not only creating hype but also bringing value to sales teams, helping them level up their game. 

One key prediction is that sales teams will be leaner yet more productive thanks to better automation through AI-powered tools. 

Based on our industry experience and market research, we’ve compiled a list of predictions for sales this year. 

Let’s dive in and explore each prediction in detail. 

AI and automation integration

AI and automation will become increasingly central to sales processes, from lead generation to closing deals. AI-driven insights will enable sales teams to personalize outreach and offerings with unprecedented precision, while automation will streamline repetitive tasks, allowing sales professionals to focus on high-value interactions. However, the human element will remain crucial for complex negotiations and relationship building.

Take’s platform as an example. By leveraging the AI tools offered by, salespeople don’t have to worry about trigger-based personalization or even personalization at scale. They don’t have to craft emails and send several follow-ups themselves, either, since will do it for them. This helps sales teams or founders in smaller B2B SaaS companies free up time to focus on nailing their demos and sales pitches to secure the best deals imaginable. 

Smart B2B brands will build their media

Whether through the founder’s social brand, the salesperson’s influencer brand, or even the company’s brand, organizations will level up their online presence and leverage ICP data to guide their social media targeting. 

A good follower base helps with top-of-funnel growth and improves your conversation and trust rate. At the end of the day, we now live in a world where social authority plays a massive role in the decision-making process. 

Some companies will even hire B2B influencers on a contract basis to help with conversations, thanks to their influence and reach. B2B influencers will be the new B2C influencers and bloggers. 

As a logical continuation of the above, content types will get more diverse - with long-form video content being one of the vital channels of thought leadership. While short-form video content continues to dominate due to Instagram and TikTok, there’s a growing emphasis on diversifying content types. Hence, here is what we’ll see more of:

  • A mix of videos, both long-form and short-form
  • Multi-content carousels
  • Static image posts

All these will be tailored to feel native to each platform. 

Large sales teams will shrink

Sales teams that used to have a large number of dedicated sales roles, such as Success managers, lead generation specialists, SDRs, account executives, etc., will shrink. One great salesperson will do the work of several SDRs, given that they use AI automation systems effectively and ensure a steady flow of warm leads who book demos. This means that full-cycle sales reps will be back in fashion. 

An important aspect is that full-cycle sales reps who are gifted communicators will win the game by picking up the phone and combining cold emailing with cold calling. Combining both is difficult. However, it will be a game-changer in cutting through all the noise. Check out our article about cold calling and cold emailing for more. 

The sales stack will shrink

Similar to the shrinking sales teams, the sales stack used by sales reps will shrink, too. Teams will use fewer yet more powerful tools that cover their sales automation needs end-to-end. 

Sales enablement platforms will become more sophisticated, offering sales teams advanced tools and resources to improve efficiency. These include dynamic content libraries, AI-powered coaching tools, and analytics for optimizing sales tactics and strategies.

We cannot help but mention again since it covers the technical, the mundane, and even some of the creative tasks that used to take up so much space in the salesperson’s day-to-day. Let’s break this down further - covers the following:

  • Technical: Email deliverability, several email sending accounts so your emails don’t end up in spam
  • Mundane: Automatic and highly-targeted prospecting from the 300M pool of prospects, plus the ability to import your own lists 
  • Creative: Generating email copy that elicits opens and replies and guarantees meetings 

Better offers, reverse trials, and usage-based pricing

To win the competition, brands will start offering more for free. Your usual case studies and lead magnets won’t help that much anymore. Reverse trials are entering the B2B SaaS space to stay. 

Another central aspect will be usage-based pricing versus the pay-per-seat model. Companies are tired of paying per seat; they need disruptive innovation and better tailoring to their budgets. Even established brands will have to adapt their pricing to this emerging customer need. 

Advanced data utilization

Relevant content through personalization will be the top priority. To achieve this, companies will invest more time and resources in data capture, processing, and utilization. This includes a deeper focus on audience building and leveraging social insights to inform strategies across different sales initiatives. 

The best leaders will dig deeper to understand why their customers made a purchasing decision and will double down on these learnings, helping them close more deals in the future. 

In conclusion

The transformations forecasted for the sales domain in 2024 reflect a dynamic blend of technological innovation, strategic agility, and a more profound emphasis on human connections. As businesses navigate these changes, the key to success will lie in their ability to integrate advanced tools while maintaining the personal touch that distinguishes outstanding sales experiences. The journey ahead is indeed promising, with ample opportunities for sales professionals and organizations willing to embrace change and leverage technology to enhance their effectiveness in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at
Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at

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