How to personalize cold outreach at scale leveraging AI

Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at
April 11, 2024
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AI can definitely help personalize cold outreach at scale.

But there is a tricky bit—you must use the right AI-powered tools; otherwise, you’ll spend nearly as much time if you were to do it all manually. 

Okay, but how personalized should my emails be?

The art of cold emailing is the modern-day equivalent of trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger on a crowded street - challenging but not downright impossible, especially if you know the rules of personalization. 

Imagine tailoring your subway approach with a friendly nod to their vintage shirt. That's real personalization in real life. How about for someone's inbox?  You don't see them; you cannot compliment them on their appearance or manners. 

Well, you can do your homework and get to know them before you send them a cold email. Transform the generic "Dear [name], I hope this message finds you well" to something light-hearted and clear, something that shows the recipient that you know them and have been following along their journey.

In our guide, "A five-step cold email sequence that generates more meetings," we share a few examples of good cold emails that can help you win attention and book meetings. 

How do I do this at scale? 

Is it even possible to track thousands of leads, their social media behavior, what's happening in their company, how their funding round is going, and so on? 

Well, it practically takes a whole team of SDRs to find this intel. But you are responsible for the full sales cycle and need to do everything and be everything. 

You Are probably already thinking about using ChatGPT. While you can use it to generate cold emails and even personalize them to some extent, if you want to scale your efforts, it will take you more time to do this with ChatGPT versus with 

Let’s investigate this from the angle of ChatGPT's limitations and how wins when it comes to personalization at scale. 

ChatGPT provides pretty generic outcomes

ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) are trained on a lot of data. Unfortunately, that data often contains a lot of junk, too. If you ask ChatGPT to generate a cold outreach email, it will most probably provide you with a very basic, long, and boring message. 

For that reason, if you want ChatGPT to write an above-average cold email, you’ll need to provide it with good examples. 

Here is an example of a prompt and the copy ChatGPT generated:

As you can see, ChatGPT kept the structure of the example in the prompt but overlooked the length and tone of voice. So we need to ask it to shorten the copy and make it sound friendlier.

Okay, now it’s shorter and more friendly (maybe even slightly too friendly for some of us). However, it’s not exactly focused on the recipient - that line “Our AI-powered platform….” sounds a bit too braggy, doesn’t it? Also, who said the video editing tool is AI-powered? That wasn’t even in the initial prompt. 

You’ll have to do lots of back and forth until you get a more or less personalized cold email copy if you decide to rely on ChatGPT.

If you want further personalization, you need to dig in more. Yourself!

Imagine, you have to email 100 people from your list of prospects - each from a different company with varying roles, social media behavior, preferences, etc. 

For ChatGPT to be able to personalize your email, you need to provide all the little details about your prospects in the prompt.

For example, you’ll have to find out those people's exact roles, company names, websites, backgrounds, communication styles, etc. Then, add all of this intel to your ChatGPT prompt. It will undoubtedly take a few iterations until you get what you were looking for in terms of good outreach email copies. 

What’s the advantage of using to scale email outreach?

There are several advantages to using to personalize cold emails at scale. Let’s look at them one by one: 

Trained on 10,000+ meetings booked

Unlike ChatGPT, specializes in cold emailing. It uses OpenAI and other LLM models, plus its own fine-tuned models, to train cold emails that guarantee meetings for our customers. Hence, if you generate an email copy with ChatGPT and then have generate a copy for you, you’ll notice the level of fine-tuning and tailoring that has to offer. You know why? Because we feed our LLMs best practices of cold emailing, you don’t have to instruct AI on what to write - it already knows what will work for you.

See as a learning powerhouse trained on thousands of emails sent out daily. It constantly sharpens its tactics by testing what gets the best results. The outcome? An average reply rate that's five times higher than the market average.

Around 300,000,000 lead database is not just a cold email personalization tool; it’s an all-in-one sales automation platform with a huge database of around 3M leads. You don’t have to go over each lead one by one; instead, you can filter them based on industry, company size, tech stack, and other information and get a list that matches your sales strategy. You can also import your own list to and let it automatically send cold emails. 

As automated as it can get

With a huge lead database and a “cold-email-writing machine” at your fingertips, you won’t have to find specifics about a lead and feed them into Instead, will automatically run through your prospects' websites and social media platforms and tailor its outreach based on the information it collects. 

Quite impressive, isn’t it? 

So, while ChatGPT and other LLMs can personalize your emails to some extent, it will be challenging to do so at scale. However, with, you can rest assured that your cold emails are based on best practices and will guarantee meetings. 

Bonus: Email deliverability 

A big advantage offers, compared to other AI platforms, is that it will provide you with all the tools to ensure impeccable email deliverability. Because, at the end of the day, if your sender reputation is at risk and your emails end up in people’s spam boxes instead of inboxes, you cannot expect email engagement, let alone meeting bookings. 

Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at
Jean-Paul Klerks
CGO at

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